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Avanti Bamboo

Central Floors is the sole distributor of Avanti Brand bamboo flooring.               specifications | installation | warranties

patterns & colors

  Vertical Horizontal
Strand Woven


natural carbonized  
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available finishes
  • Matte/Aluminum Oxide
construction types
  • Solid
  • Engineered
  • Strand Woven
  • Finish Quality: Avanti bamboo has 7 coats of high quality European finish.
  • Lamination Quality: Each layer of bamboo is consistent and shut tight.
  • Precise Milling: Avanti bamboo is manufactured to the highest standards. Each board is straight and precise so that when they are laid down they will look and perform well.
  • Avanti Bambo is made from Moso bamboo, considered to be the most durable species of bamboo.
  • Wide Selection: Avanti bamboo has various finishes, patterns, and colors, making it the product line in bamboo flooring. This wide selection ensures that every person can choose a type that suits them best.
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