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Subfloor should be dry, clean , and level. Do a moisture test on the subfloor using the calcium chloride method and/or a moisture meter. Resolve any problems before proceeding. If the concrete is new, then allow at least 30 days time for drying. You may also apply a sealant to the floor. If your subfloor is concrete, place a moisture barrier on the concrete. Next, install plywood, usually _ CDX grade in 4x8 pieces. When installing the flooring, allow _ between walls and flooring for expansion space. The first row should be top and blind nailed. For the other rows, nail tongue at 45 degree angle. A pneumatic naileris the recommended tool. Make sure to stagger the joints from row to row. You do not want to see many end joints lining together on adjacent rows.


Paying attention to your floor and performing the proper maintenance will help maintain the high quality look of your floor. Here are some tips on how to care for your floor.

Preventative Care
- Do not wear high heels while on the floor. High heels create a large amount of pressure and will dent the flooring.
- Do not use excessive amounts of water to clean the floor.
- Place some type of rug in entryways in order to prevent dirt, sand and other materials from getting on the floor. If dirt is on the floor and you step on it , it may get ingrained into the floor
- Place floor pads on heavy furniture as well as moveable furniture
- Clean spills promptly

- Use a cleaner specifically designated for hardwood floors. Do not wax, wet mop, or use oil based cleaners
- Sweep regularly to remove dust, dirt, and grit from the floor.
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